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AOD-9604 is a modified form of human growth hormone (HGH) with a focus on fat loss and weight management

Mechanism of Action:

1. Mimics the Fat-Burning Action of HGH: AOD-9604 is designed to mimic the fat-burning effects of natural human growth hormone without affecting growth or insulin sensitivity.

2. Fat Fragment: It is a peptide fragment derived from the C-terminus region of human growth hormone.

Potential Benefits:

1. Fat Loss: AOD-9604 has been studied for its potential in promoting fat loss, especially abdominal fat.

2. Enhanced Metabolism: Some research suggests that it may have metabolic effects that contribute to improved fat metabolism.

3. Lipolytic Action: AOD-9604 is believed to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells (lipolysis), leading to a reduction in fat tissue.

AOD-9604 is typically administered through subcutaneous injections.

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